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Peace of Mind is Priceless!....but our systems are affordable

We give our customers what they want, not what we want.


With your new Color Touchscreen Panel, you never have to worry about your system being obsolete. We use 100% software based solutions so you can get upgrades to your system as easily as you do for your Smart Phone. As technology advances you can always add new equipment to your system making sure you have what you need, and want.

Additional Benefits
Insurance Discount
Send our insurance discount certificate to your agent and receive up to 20% off your homeowners insurance policy.
5 Diamond Monitoring
Our monitoring station is CSAA Five Diamond certified, employs only certified operators and boasts a 22 second dispatch time.
Lifetime Warranty
All the equipment we install in your home is covered under our limited warranty for as long as we protect your home.
Equipment Ownership
The equipment we install in your home is yours, not leased, not rented.
Moving Program
Moving? No problem, we will move your system free of charge to your new home.
Price Match Guarantee
If you find the same system and same service at a better price we'll match it 100%.
3 Questions to Ask Yourself

When choosing a Life Safety System It’s All About You.  When you call us, your Security Specialist will ask you questions to make sure we put together the best package for your needs:


What has you interested in getting the system?

(New home, Family, Recent Activity)


What needs are most  important to you?

(Is it Home Security, being able to to turn something on or off with your Smart Phone, knowing when your child comes home?)


What will I use most often?

(Home Security is great but we hope you never have to experience our great service, if you have a Smart Thermostat, a Smart Door Lock, or just having mobile access, you will use your system for more than just an alarm)


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